Campaigning Today: Influencer Marketing


Influencer culture has been a trend for decades and will likely cease to stop. With new digital mediums, more and more people are discovering new and old role models alike. With such admiration towards these icons, their followers are looking to support and model themselves after their favorite icons. Capitalizing on this admiration can help the company, the audience and the influencers themselves.

What does this mean for the company?

If a company is looking for an easy, more affordable marketing technique, influencer marketing is a viable option.  It less expensive than commercial campaigning, in which brands have to pay for ads to be made, run, and posted for a specific amount of time in multiple platforms. It is a much more direct process, where companies pay the influencers themselves to say exactly what they want them to say, without the fear of technical issues.

The companies who use influencers are also more likely to be reached by a broader audience, as more people are likely to watch ads integrated into a YouTube or Instagram video, than one popping up on their sidebar. The concept of the audience’s favorite social media star endorsing a company’s specific product is more likely to compel the audience to buy that product. However, a company must be confident a creator accurately represents the brand or product they want sponsored, they can reach out to that influencer asking for a promotional.

Plus, the influencer will likely take the advertisement and personalize it to suit their content, further engaging their audience to listen to the sponsorship. Influencers will take some creative liberties to make sure their following will like the company’s product, just as they like the influencer’s content.

What does this mean for the influencer and the audience?

The influencer will be grateful that a company is reaching out to support them individually. Internet personalities aren’t as successful creating sponsor-less content, so it’s up to them to advertise whilst still appealing to their followers. The audience will understand that the purpose of the advertisement is to support the creator, so more will be willing to listen and endorse them. The audience also realizes that this is not a typical pop up ad or 15-second commercial. They won’t be ready to skip ahead immediately because this is an ad personalized for their viewing experience, by a creator they enjoy.

Influencer marketing agencies are the liaisons between the influencer and brand world. These are companies specifically targeted towards strengthening and officializing the relationships between the two. These are agencies are organizations made to ensure the results of your advertisements by basing promotional choices on reputation of the influencer and trust in their effectiveness.

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